19 April 2018 last updated at 03:55 GMT
New target on Dawood's hit list: Lalit Modi
Tuesday 05 June 2012

Indian Premiere league, inventor, Lalith Modi is said to be on the Dawood hit list. According to the various city high police alert, Lalith was on the hit list during the IPL season. So, for this reason, his security was beefed up during the IPL series.

But now, after his ouster from the chairman post, Lalith Modi is facing extreme threat from D gang. There is news that the mafia leader wanted a huge ransom touching four digits of crores from lalith, in order to take his way in IPL 2010.

But the ex IPl chief avoided his threats and also his men, who visited the offices of IPL Lalith Midi in disguise of IT officials almost 10 days ago. It is now, a fact that on January 19th, Lalith got an email threat from the D- Gang and also a phone call. From then on his security was beefed up and a private security agency was also hired.

After the whole ongoing issue of IPL, the issue has deteriorated even further, as Dawood is said to be fumed for being neglected. For this reason, his men are in Mumbai and Delhi, in order to trap Lalith modi and demand a triple amount of the earlier said amount, for not obeying Dawood orders. It is sarcastically noted, that Dawood was surprised by the allegations and the amount of profits gained in the IPL season 3 and so is demanding a huge sum now.

Poor Lalith modi is not facing the ire of the Indian populace, Indian politics and Government, but is also facing the D- gang threat.,

God save this intellectual mind, from the above said bundled troubles!


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