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Lalit Modi Statement

Lalit Modi Statement

12th November, 2012

Following recent stories of a renewed level of activity surrounding the Enforcement Directorate's ongoing investigations into the IPL, I wish to clarify that my co-operation with the E.D. remains full and unequivocal. This has included five consecutive days of meetings with Indian Income Tax department representatives in London during which they were given full documentation to support our discussions.

Since the investigation began, all Show Cause Notices received by me have received a comprehensive response and have included documentary evidence to support my position. I have complied fully with all requests despite the fact that the Show Cause Notices do not include a single allegation of any violation committed by me as an individual. They have been issued to me only on the basis that I was Chairman of the IPL at the time and do not suggest personal wrongdoing.


In order to ensure total verification of my position, the full content of the Show Cause Notices and my responses, have been placed into the public domain on my freely accessible website. (www.lalitmodi.com)



I have constantly re-iterated my willingness to co-operate with any further questioning by the Indian authorities, either by video conferencing or by receiving officials in London at my own expense. But on every occasion this offer has been made, it has been either ignored or refused with little or no sign of activity beyond Show Cause innuendo and the arbitrary revocation of my passport.



I remain legally resident in England and the general nature of the current investigation which has revealed no individual allegations against me, do not affect my current status. I will continue to offer my full support and co-operation to further the ED's investigation.

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