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SGDCA writes to Jaitley against proposed changes in BCCI laws
Wednesday 05 September 2012

Sri Ganganagar District Cricket Association (SGDCA) has expressed strong reservations on the changes that BCCI intends to bring about in its law with regards to President`s election, saying such a move would upset the basic structure of the constitution.

Interestingly, SGDCA has approached Arun Jaitely for help when the proposed changes are intended to help him become the next President of the BCCI.

The existing zone-wise rotation policy will be done away with, if the amendments are passed at the Special General Meeting (SGM) on September 15 in Chennai.

SGDCA President Mehmood M Abdi has shot a letter to Jaitley, who is BCCI Vice President, saying he is concerned about the changes being contemplated.

"... The rotation of president-ship amongst the zones has been there to keep the Board truly representative in composition and participative in its working."

"...Changes in the bye-laws will upset the basic structure of BCCI`s constitution which obliges it to remain democratic and representative under all circumstances," Abdi wrote in his letter to Jaitley."

As per the existing policy, it is the turn of East Zone to nominate a candidate for BCCI President.

If rules are amended, then a candidate from other zone can also become President, if a BCCI affiliated association from East zone proposes and seconds that candidate.

It is widely believed that such move is to enable Jaitely, who is from North zone, file his papers from East Zone and take over from present incumbent N Srinivasan in 2014.

Two-thirds of the BCCI general body is required to vote in favour of the proposal.


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